Revenge Of The Titans 1.80.11 for Windows 10


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Revenge of the Titans is a very addictive strategy game represents the recently popular subgenre known as Tower Defense. Our task is to defend your base, under attack by hostile creatures. Player actions will be associated with the creation of various devices used to exterminate enemies. Initially, there we have only one type of defense systems, but with time, we have the ability to invent new, more efficient design. Their design, however, consumes much greater financial stocks. Upon completion of each board, we can invent any technology or the development of new devices. Interestingly ammunition fired in the direction of our opponents ends, so sometimes we have to reload magazines and it takes some time and to make matters worse, off weapons from service until complete missiles. Minimum requirements: Processor: Unknown Memory: Unknown Video card: No Data Available disk space: Unknown card: No data